The Man Bette Davis Married

77 years ago, December 31, 1940 … Bette Davis married her second husband, Arthur Farnsworth … A New Englander, like herself, they met in 1939 in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire … where Bette purchased and remodeled Butternut Cottage and built the barn / lodge at Butternut … their retreat to Yankee roots, until Farney died, August 25, 1943 …

Article from Photoplay, March 1941 …

July 2016 … I spent the month at Butternut Cottage, by myself! … Posts mentioning Arthur Farnsworth on my blog, From a Grateful One: A Month at Butternut Cottage

Arthur Farnsworth … and his mother (?) … east side of Butternut Cottage

Farney died in California, August 25, 1943, and was buried on Bette’s Butternut property in New Hampshire … (photos from a 2015 estate sale) …

“A collection of family photographs and letters as it relates to the marriage of twentieth century actress Bette Davis to Arthur Farnsworth. Pictures document family holidays and life at her cottage, Butternut, on Sugar Hill in Franconia, New Hampshire. She bought the cabin upon meeting Arthur Farnsworth during her stay at the inn, Peckett’s On Sugar Hill. A photograph album displays personal photographs with captions by Arthur Farnsworth of their home in Laguna Beach, California. This collection also includes letters from the authors of a biography on Bette Davis to be published by Bantom Books in January of 1992 to the sister of Arthur Farnsworth who resided in New Hampshire at that time.” — EBTH

June 1945 … Arthur’s family requested he be disinterred and moved to Vermont … Bette and 3rd husband, William Grant Sherry, were married Nov. 30, 1945 …

Farney is now at Evergreen Cemetery, Pittsford, Vermont …

As fine a guy as ever walked the plains
Sailed the seas or flew through space

“Bette Davis Faces Sorrow” … Photoplay, November 1943 …

Bette placed a memorial plaque on a boulder in Coppermine Brook, several miles from Butternut Cottage … Photo of my first glimpse, July 28, 2016, the final day of my month at Butternut Cottage … More photos, Bette’s Plaque! Coppermine Trail

In Memorium
Arthur Farnsworth
“The Keeper of Stray Ladies”
Pecketts 1939
Presented by a Grateful One

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