Mom’s I Love Lucy Bowls

June 15, 2014 — Mom’s set of Pyrex bowls … Primary Colors … a wedding present, May 20, 1950 …

You’ll see them prominently perched in Lucy Ricardo’s kitchen … The leader of the pack, Yellow, has a starring role in Pioneer Women, Season 1, March 3, 1952 … Created these animated gifs just for Big Yellow …


While Big Yellow was active in the bread making scenes, a stand-in took his place on the shelf …

Season 2, The Anniversary Present, September 29, 1952 …
lucy_anniversary01_1952_09_bowls lucy_anniversary02_1952_09_bowls

lucy_anniversary03_1952_09_bowls lucy_anniversary04_1952_09_bowls

Wow! … At last … in color! … Desilu Studios Museum, Jamestown, New York This is the second, larger apartment, after Little Ricky was born …
lucy_kitchen_color_standing_greenpyrex moms_bowls_pyrex_bottom

Mom’s angel and Primary Colors Pyrex bowls ...
Pyrex Love: History of Pyrex … Pyrex Colors began, 1947

Official Desilu Studios website

See my post, Bowling for Cats, June 15, 2014 … Perkins posing with Mom’s Pyrex bowls


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